I was bored, I guess.

Nah, to be honest: since I run @splatoonmaps I am sitting on a rather big archive of Splatoon Map rotation data and it would be a shame to do nothing with it. And after seeing RocketClauncher on Squidboards actually analyzing the Map data for October – big shoutouts to him – I decided to put the data out there. Because why not.

Also, I had a fun day working on it and learned a lot, sooooooo…

How complete is the Map data?

Okay, so here is the downer: I can only provide Map rotation data starting from August 7, 2015. Simply, because it was not possible to pull Ranked Battle Map rotations from Splatoon before August 5 – the launch of SplatNet. I might add that missing data at a later point though.

Since then the bot should have gotten most of the Map rotations. Ohh, and maybe I should note it: at the moment the data itself only includes statistics for Ranked Battle Map rotations. I might add data for Splatfests and Turf War Map rotations (I do not know if that is even interesting data) in the future.

Can I use the Map data?

Hell yes! If you have any cool ideas or just wanna tinker around, go ahead and dive right into it. Just download it from the GitHub repository and start your own thing. But keep in mind that the provided JSON file is not updated in real time – at least for now. I will try my best to update it at least every week.

Dude…your code is a mess.

I know, I know … I am by far not a coding professional. In the end I just wanted to get this thing running and it works, doesn't it?